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Choose and solve the best jigsaw puzzles

Online jigsaw puzzles for adults

Jigsaw puzzles online are very popular among adult people of different ages. It is an easy to play and fun game.

The rules of the game are quite simple: you need to put together often irregularly shaped interconnected puzzle pieces that have part of the image, to end up with a complete picture.

The number of jigsaw puzzle pieces can be different. Some of them, when we are speaking about the largest offline puzzles, have more than 51,000 pieces.

History of jigsaw puzzles

The story of the origin of jigsaw puzzles is very interesting and entertaining, and it goes back to 1766. At that time, the London engraver, cartographer and publisher John Spilsbury created the first puzzle similar to modern jigsaw puzzles. It was a black-and-white geographical map of the world, pasted on a wooden base and sawn with a saw for inlay along the borders of states. The children were asked to reassemble the map. The first puzzle was created as a geographical teaching aid.

The first puzzles were called "dissection". And then in 1906, with the invention of jigsaws, the name "jigsaw puzzle" appeared.

Initially, the matching puzzles were not fastened together. Later, at the end of the XIX century, the wooden base was replaced with cardboard.

In 1909, the first production of puzzles with fastening parts was started in the USA.

Modern jigsaw puzzles

Modern jigsaw puzzles are a picture cut into pieces that are fastened together, placed on a cardboard surface.

The variety of pictures that are depicted on puzzles never ceases to amaze. Typically, this is nature, animals, food, architecture, interiors, design and so on. In fact, any picture can be depicted on jigsaw puzzles. Therefore, everyone will find in this amazing world of jigsaw puzzles something that corresponds to his or her interests or desires.

A modern puzzle game can be both offline and online.

Jigsaw puzzles online

Now, many people prefer solving online jigsaw puzzles. And this is not surprising! It's so easy to assemble a picture that you like using any device that is close at hand. Solving modern online jigsaw puzzles is available on any screens, from small smartphones’ to large stationary computers’.

Online jigsaw puzzle games take a few minutes and allow you to save time without spending it on getting out of the package and laying out the right side of the puzzle pieces.

An equally important advantage of modern online puzzles is the ability to choose the level of difficulty and, accordingly, the number of puzzle pieces. It all depends on how much time and effort you are willing to spend on solving.

Puzzle lovers prefer assembling from two to three pictures in one puzzle game session. That is why people often choose online puzzles for adults. Moreover, there are different types of search, that's why you can easily and quickly find exactly the picture that you want to put together right now.

Motivation of jigsaw puzzles online players

Jigsaw puzzles are very popular among players because they are both fascinating and useful at the same time.

Most often, people play puzzles for several reasons. Let's look at what motivates people to choose a beautiful picture and put its parts together.

  1. Firstly, playing puzzles reduces stress and relieves tension.

  2. Solving puzzles is a great way to spend time.

  3. The feeling accomplished for completing something challenging, which arises at the end of each game, usually motivates players to start a new one.

  4. Solving puzzles allows one to disconnect from reality and immerse in another world or the world of another character.

  5. Putting together jigsaw puzzles with useful, informative pictures allows players to learn something that can be useful outside of games.

  6. People like to feel as winners. Playing puzzles is a fairly easy way to experience this. It is enough to assemble a picture faster than anyone else, and you are at the top. Doing online puzzles allows you to save the time you spend on assembling one puzzle and compare it with the time of other users. The spirit of competition is another motivation for solving jigsaw puzzles.

  7. And the last reason for playing puzzles from this list is the desire to be dazzled by something unique. Online puzzles allow you not only to assemble the pictures selected by the editor, but also to create your own unique jigsaw puzzles.

As you can see above, there are a large number of important reasons why players choose jigsaw puzzles online.

Features of online jigsaw puzzle game 

There are a number of useful features of playing jigsaw puzzles online.

  • The first and one of the most important features is social contact. Each player can view, rate and comment on other users' puzzles. And also check the records of other players online and compare with his or her own positions. Like any other gamers, it could be interesting for puzzle players to compete a little in the game they are playing.

  • Using tips and tricks if you get stuck is another important feature of jigsaw puzzles online. You can use hints such as viewing only the side pieces of the puzzle in order to speed up the process, or viewing the final image to understand how to move forward in solving.

  • It is also possible to quickly leave feedback on puzzles.

  • The content of online puzzles is constantly being exposed so that players do not get bored.

Choose your favorite jigsaw puzzles online and have fun while solving.