Background Jigsaw Puzzles

Large and ripe strawberries
Cute Сorgi on a walk
Colorful flags against the sky
Majestic mountains over the field
Colorful balls of thread
Orange and white small pumpkins
Blooming lavender field
Yellow-orange tree leaves
View of Mount Fuji in autumn
European Robin with an insect in its beak
Bee sitting on a Pincushion Flower
Corgi resting in a field under the sun
Field of colorful blooming tulips
Mountain snowy peaks illuminated by the sun
View from the stone on the water surface with a visible seabed
Multicolored hot air balloons rising into the sky in mountains
Wooden house near the forest in the Alps with a few clouds in the sky background
Wonderful panorama of Norway winter nature covered with snow
Beautiful pink flowers against the blue sky background
Pumpkin pies decorated with leaves made for Thanksgiving Day