Beverage Jigsaw Puzzles

Champagne bottle and glasses
Glass and a pitcher with fresh milk standing against sunflowers background
Two espressos freshly brewed in a coffee machine
Four different types of tropical smoothie for hot summer
Preparation of strong black coffee in a red coffee maker
Cup of coffee with two pieces of cake and a white orchid
Red, white and blue coctail with ice and a slice of lemon in a bar
Detox beverage with kale, spinach, mint and banana for outdoor breakfast
Vase with pink flowers, fresh beverage and a cake in the light of the summer sun
Healthy green smoothie with apple and basil in glasses
Mug of hot chocolate with marshmellows, a candy cane and cookies creating Christmas mood
Hot chocolate with marshmallows in a Christmas cup standing near a checked bow
Christmas composition of a cup of warm drink, pine cones, cinnamon and fur
Warm autumn atmosphere created by orange pumpkin-shaped cups with hot drinks