Blue Jigsaw Puzzles Online

This page is dedicated to blue jigsaw puzzles depicting everything that contains all shades of blue. It can be the daytime sky, various reservoirs, as well as boats or houses painted with this color.

Blue is perceived by most people as a calm and strong color, which brings a sense of peace and harmony. The endless sky, the deep ocean, coolness, and freshness are the associations that this color usually causes in people. For some, this color also symbolizes certain values, such as kindness, loyalty, constancy, and honesty.

Beautiful tropical beach
Tropical island in the middle of the ocean
Palm trees against blue sky
Lake with clear water surrounded by mountains
Sun lounger with pillow near the pool
Snowy mountain landscape with fir trees
View of the port and city embankment
Colorful old houses in Norway
Colorful buildings along a canal in Venice
Colorful flags against the sky
Panorama of Manarola at sunrise
Autumn landscape of Upper Kachura Lake with yellow boat on it
Palm trees against the blue sky
Beautiful green island in the Adriatic Sea
Cavtat Walking Path in Croatia
Ocean shore beach in the Seychelles
Gorgeous top view of white buildings of Santorini island
Peaceful view of mountains, blue lake water and lupine flowers
Beautiful Wanaka Lake surrounded by mountains
Birds flying over turquoise water

The benefits of blue color 

The blue color not only doesn't harm the human body, but also has some positive effects. So, by piecing together puzzles where most of the image contains blue color, you will get not only the benefits that the puzzles bring themselves, but also the benefits that this color gives. What kind of magic is hidden in the blue color?

  1. Reduces emotional stress and relaxes.

  2. Helps to get rid of obsessive ideas and thoughts.

  3. Restrains aggression and lowers irritability.

  4. Improves attention. According to some research, it can have a similar effect (and even better) to coffee in increasing the ability to concentrate attention.

  5. Finally, the color perfectly stimulates intellectual activity, improves thinking and memory, helps with the development of imagination.

Blue puzzle piece with a heart icon on a pile of puzzle pieces
Blue puzzle piece with a heart icon on a pile of puzzle pieces

Variety of jigsaws of this section

Here you can find various jigs with images containing blue elements. Below there are some examples of jigsaw puzzles types of this section.

Nature puzzles

Nature lovers will enjoy putting together the following jigsaw pictures:

  • white sand beach with a palm tree and azure sea water on a summer day;

  • spectacular view of the waterfall from the cliff and azure river water;

  • sea pebble beach with rocks and beautiful purple flowers.

Animal puzzles

For animal lovers, there are cute jigsaws depicting:

  • heron with a long neck and long legs standing near the sea water;

  • school of striped fish swimming in the sea;

  • playful dolphin jumping out of the water.

Architecture and monuments puzzles

For users who like exploring the world, we have selected puzzles with:

  • city square with an ancient building complex and a fountain in the center;

  • distant view of white buildings of Santorini island overlooking the sea;

  • narrow Santorini street with beautiful colorful architecture.

Useful tips on how to assemble puzzles

Although there are many shades of blue in the puzzles, their contrast is not very high, so it can be difficult to assemble such puzzles. Therefore, here are some tips to simplify the task and make the game more fun than tedious.

  • Find and connect the parts with smooth edges by assembling the frame. It's the easiest to assemble, so this will be a good start, and also, so it will be easier for you to navigate in the picture.

  • It's more effective to divide the puzzle into small parts. Assemble some outstanding piece of the puzzle, then another. Visual progress will motivate you to continue the game.

  • The finished parts can be placed in approximate places, even if they're not yet connected to the frame or other pieces. And thanks to the functionality of the website, the detail will be fixed if it's placed in the right spot.

  • If you're tired or bored with the puzzle, take a break. After a while, with a fresh look, you can easily notice everything that you missed.

  • If you're assembling a puzzle with a monochrome image or a smooth gradient, simplify your task and choose fewer details if you just want to relax. And if you want to test your skills and challenge yourself seriously, you can choose more details. But be ready for the fact that it will take more time, although the pleasure of the completed puzzle in this case will be much more than usual.

Hint: after registering or logging in to your profile, you can complete the puzzle the next day, as all progress will be saved even when you close the browser and turn off the computer. Just open the page with the same puzzle and continue to play when it's convenient for you.    

Enjoy the game, relax or, conversely, concentrate your attention by assembling blue jigsaw puzzles online for free!