Cat with a tricolor coat resting in nature and looking away

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Cat with a tricolor coat resting in nature and looking away

Calico cat is a cat of any breed with a tricolor coat. In the culture of many countries, there are beliefs that calico cats bring good luck, sometimes they are even called money cats. Many people believe that only female cats can have a tricolor coat, and this is almost true. Most calico cats are females because of the unique chromosome composition that determines the color of their fur, which should have two X chromosomes. The gene of the white color of the coat is not related to gender in any way, and the X chromosomes are responsible for the black and red color. Since male cats have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome, technically they can't be calico, since the Y-chromosome does not determine the color of the coat. But male calico can still be born due to a rare genetic anomaly called Klinefelter syndrome and chimerism. With Klinefelter Syndrome, the male receives an additional X chromosome, which gives him a genetic composition in the form of XXY. Chimerism is characterized by two different sets of DNA that are formed in the early phases of development. Presumed that there is only one tricolor male cat for 3,000 tricolor female cats.

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Published: Dec 26, 2022
Updated: Jan 18, 2023

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