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Users' Puzzles

Enjoy creating your own puzzles!

This page features all the puzzles of our website users.

It is a lively place where our users can interact with each other. We have created a kind of social network—puzzle network—where everyone can sign up, add their own jigsaw puzzles, solve, comment and like other users' puzzles, as well as follow users with the most attractive puzzles.

You will be surprised by the huge variety of jigsaw puzzles added by our users. And you will definitely want to put together at least one of them that you like the most.

Silhouette kiss
Portugal train
Liverpool day
Liver building
Looney Tunes
Comic girl
Anime Poster from Leon: The Professional
Mathilda Leon: The Professional
Anime Girl Mathilda
Anime Mathilda
Mathilda Art
Mathilda from Leon: The Professional
Stoke City bus
Peugeot RCZ
Toyota cars
Cardiff Bills
Barbie playing with a cat
Barbie in a luxurious dress against the backdrop of a fairy tale castle.
Barbie and Ken in a pink car
Margot Robbie in a pink dress as Barbie

Variety of jigsaw puzzles added by our users

Feel free to add a jigsaw puzzle with your own picture, giving other users the opportunity to solve it and leave feedback in the form of likes and comments.

Choose a unique name and description for a jigsaw puzzle from your photo and add it to your profile.

  • Share jigsaw puzzles with images of your cute pets. Such puzzles definitely cause positive emotions. It is difficult to scroll through and not solve a small cat puzzle with big curious eyes, or a big brave dog puzzle.

  • Create a jigsaw puzzle with your favorite flowers grown in your own backyard garden. Or a puzzle with flowers that you have just received as a gift from a loved one.

  • Add jigsaw puzzles using your photos from traveling to keep memories and impressions as long as possible.

  • Make jigsaw puzzles with images of your favorite heroes or idols that inspire you.

  • Show your own jigsaw puzzles with photos of places for your favorite activities. Whether it's a swimming pool, a fitness room, a shopping center, a yoga studio, or a small vegetable garden.

  • Add puzzles with photos from your workplace during a coffee break.

  • Share jigsaw puzzles from your photos of delicious food that you have tasted in cafes, restaurants, or cooked at home for a family dinner. Also, puzzles depicting your favorite dishes should be added, too.

  • Create nature and landscapes puzzles from your photos of places where you feel good and relaxed. It could be a city park, a river bank, a clearing near the mountains, an island in the middle of the sea, or a lonely place outside the city.

  • Show jigsaw puzzles with architecture and interiors of buildings that you like. Or share your new repair.

It is really fascinating to visit this page of our website, because there are jigsaw puzzles of different categories and their list is endless. Also, here you have a great opportunity to puzzle your own picture.

The main thing is that the puzzles of this section are created from your personally picked pictures or photos. They reflect your interests and hobbies.

Advantages of visiting our Users' Jigsaw Puzzles page

This page with puzzles is a great space for users to express themselves and get to know others. There is a huge chance that you will find new virtual friends, by following some users and solving their puzzles, like in other social networks.

Assembling puzzles of our users is not only entertaining, but also informative. By regularly visiting this page with puzzles, you will broaden your horizons.

You have a wonderful opportunity to have fun and get health benefits by creating your own jigsaw puzzle and solving puzzles added by our users.

Various puzzles are constantly added to this section. Visit our website, add jigsaw puzzles from your own photos and solve puzzles of other users every day.