City Jigsaw Puzzles Online

City jigsaw puzzles is a collection of images of various types of cities, from large megacities with skyscrapers, to small resort and historical towns. Here you’ll find all the components of urban landscapes:

  • parks;

  • streets and squares;

  • highways and bridges;

  • river embankment;

  • tall skyscrapers and small houses;

  • museums, monuments and other attractions.

Doing city jigsaw puzzles for adults on this site, you can enjoy the fascinating views of different cities, famous city attractions and memorable places. Just choose the image you like down here and start assembling the puzzle.

The city is an essential part of our life, their landscapes catch with their artistic architecture and realism, and the abundance of colors is fascinating. Fountains, bridges, parks, historical monuments are all an integral part of any city, and it's amazing that all this was built just by people.

Rainy City
Embankment of the Seine River
Coast of Lake Garda
View of the port and city embankment
Red Volkswagen
The town of Manarola in Italy
Frozen lake surrounded by snowy rocks
Colorful buildings along a canal in Venice
Blue bird against white buildings
Exit from the metro into the city
Panorama of Manarola at sunrise
City river at sunset
View of the bridge at sunset
Skyscrapers in Shenzhen
Historical buildings in Lisbon
Panoramic view of a river dam in autumn
View from Valletta to Vittoriosa Il-Birgu in Malta
View of Dubai skyscrapers from the street
Panorama of the Burj Khalifa skyscrapers in Dubai
Trogir Old Town in Croatia

Why puzzles with cities are a good choice

Architectural masterpieces of megacities or just cozy houses of small towns will appeal, even if you're not an expert in the art of architecture, but simply adore a huge number of bright lights of night cities or the warmth of a provincial area.

The landscapes of cities have an individual beauty that distinguishes these city jigsaws from others.

  1. This is an economical option to look at other cities of different countries, which amaze with their diversity and colorfulness. Here you can assemble puzzles with the image of cities, exploring the places you're interested in.

  2. Many cities have become recognizable by their sights, tall and unusual buildings. Puzzles with cities will help you not only relax, but also introduce you to various architectural styles. In addition, in the process of puzzling, you'll be able to find out about the main monuments or buildings by which you can accurately recognize a particular city.

  3. City jigsaw puzzles online have a lot of bright, diverse and special details that will be easy and interesting to assemble even for a beginner.

  4. A city scene jigsaw puzzle will appeal to architects and city planners. Rebuild the city piece by piece, assembling a puzzle, and admire (or criticize, if you want) a variety of design solutions.

  5. A good picture of an urban landscape gives the unique aesthetic of each city, and on this page you’ll find only positive atmosphere which will lift your mood.

Close-up image of a pile of colorful jigsaw puzzle pieces
Close-up image of a pile of colorful jigsaw puzzle pieces

Enjoy puzzles depicting the life of the biggest city in the United States of America – New York, which amazes with its skyscrapers, famous museums and luxury hotels. Or admire the cityscape jigsaw with the views of the capital of Great Britain – London, where you can find images of iconic places and the main symbols of the city. Or maybe you want to plunge into the atmosphere of Paris, which is deservedly considered one of the most beautiful and romantic European cities, with its small courtyards with elegant balconies in houses. Or you've been to Rome once and want to see this picturesque city full of architectural monuments, legends and stories again. Whatever you want from this, everything can be done here on this page for free.