Close-up of the beautiful macaw with a blue-and-yellow plumage

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Close-up of the beautiful macaw with a blue-and-yellow plumage

The Ara macaws are the largest parrots with very bright feathers in green, red, blue and yellow shades. Their characteristic feature is a large, laterally compressed and strongly rounded beak. The macaw's beak is the strongest on Earth, some of them are so strong that they can crack a coconut. They usually live in flocks in tropical areas, but sometimes they settle in pairs. Unlike most animals, macaws tend to remain faithful to their partner for the rest of their lives. They can raise children together and take care of each other. Macaws love fruits and sometimes raid nearby fruit plantations, uniting 100 or more birds. On average, macaws live 20-60 years, and their lifespan in captivity is practically the same as in the wild. Macaws are quite intelligent parrots, they are capable of learning and memorize an average of 80 words and 40 short sentences. Macaws are considered one of the most affectionate birds: they are sensitive to human emotions and may exhibit affection for people they know well.

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Published: Dec 4, 2022
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