Cold Jigsaw Puzzles Online

On this page you can assemble a variety of cold jigsaw puzzles online. You may think that these are puzzles that will cause cold feelings in you or are associated with an illness, but rest assured, here you'll find only the most beautiful images with:

  • animals living in cold conditions, like polar bears and penguins;

  • snow and ice on the clearings and roads;

  • frozen water bodies;

  • winter landscapes;

  • frozen and snow-covered branches and trees;

  • colorful drinks with ice.

Choose a puzzle that, despite its cold atmosphere, warms your soul and start solving.

Lake with clear water surrounded by mountains
Snowy mountain landscape with fir trees
Winter landscape with snow-covered trees
Bushes covered with snow
Snowy field and cloudy sky
View of the mountain village in winter
Wooden house in the snowy mountains
Herbs full of vitamins in a white teacup
Yummy ice-cream with berries and chocolate for dessert
Mountain snowy peaks illuminated by the sun
Winter forest with lake and trees reflected in it
Stunning sunset panorama of the Alps in Switzerland
Polar bear standing on a rock and enjoying the sun
Winter trees in snowy mountains in the rays of the sunrise
Conifer tree with cones covered with snow on a winter January day
Wonderful panorama of Norway winter nature covered with snow
Branch with buds covered with hoar frost against the blue sky
Well-balanced pile of rocks in the background of the Alps
Bowl of healthy vegetable soup, broccoli, leek, herbs, pepper and a spoonful of spices
Snow-covered high mountains against blue skies with white clouds at sunrise

Benefits of doing puzzles of this section

A jigsaw puzzle game for most people is associated with children's play, but the benefits of this game are great because you train logical thinking, attention, imagination and, what is also important, perseverance. There are advantages of cold, and of course, there are also advantages of jigsaws that display cold. In which situations will cold-themed puzzles bring the most pleasure?

  1. On a hot summer day, we so want to drink a cocktail with ice, on such days we dream of coolness. Prepare and sip a cooling drink by assembling a puzzle with its image, and feel the double cooling.

  2. The cold is refreshing, and most people work much more efficiently in a cool room. Do a puzzle with ice or snow and check whether the cold is also effective through the screen.

  3. Cool down hot emotions, such as anger or excitement. Take a break, relax and assemble a puzzle with cold to cool your ardor.

  4. Maybe you like it when it's cold outside, and people wrap themselves in warm scarves and pull their hats deeper, but where you live, there is eternal sun and heat. This page will help you enjoy the coldest weather wherever you are.

  5. Cold is associated with white and blue colors, and images of frozen lakes and snow store these shades, which have a relaxing effect. Besides relaxing by doing puzzles, you'll also cheer up your mind when you want to take a break.

Square made from colorful jigsaw puzzle pieces
Square made from colorful jigsaw puzzle pieces

To enjoy the views of cold weather, it's not necessary to go outside and freeze. This can be done here, assembling a jigsaw puzzle picture in a comfortable setting when you want it.

Feelings that evoke cold-themed puzzles

Usually we don't like the cold in winter, and we want it so much in summer, when it seems that the brain will melt and work is out of the question. And cold jigsaw puzzles can cause a pleasant feeling of coolness, at least for the eyes.

Pleasant memories

You can also plunge into pleasant memories of cold times, looking at a frozen lake, about traveling, assembling a puzzle with snow-capped mountains or winter forest. And jigsaws with cooling drinks can evoke memories of warm summer evenings and vacations at the sea, when after an active day on the beach it's so great to relax while drinking a delicious drink with ice.


Feel the special coziness of these cold images, being at home in warmth and comfort and drinking tea or hot chocolate.

Assemble jigs that demonstrate the full force of the real cold. And if some of them make you shiver, cover yourself with a blanket to keep warm.