Color Jigsaw Puzzles Online

On this page there are color jigsaw puzzles online rich in contrast. Flowers, vegetables and fruits, bright blue water or an orange sunset, this variety of images on puzzles can pleasantly surprise.

Colorful flags against the sky
Countryside view of a bench and a lovely house at the background
Little church on the lawn among amazing nature of forests and mountains
Marbella building with beautiful architecture on the other side of the street
Beautiful colorful corals under the sea water
Close up picture of a branch with bright purple flowers
Golden summer sunset over the waves of the sea
Beautiful pink flowers against the background of mountains and blue skies
Collection of rolled ties of different types in a box
Tropical paradise with brilliant blue water, palm trees and white sand
Plate of tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, onion and garlic standing on a wooden surface
Splashes of black coffee in a blue and white cup in the light from the window
Rice, raisins and a bowl of yellow spicy powder of turmeric on a white table
Purple-pink tulips on a pink background
Pizza with meat, mozzarella and herbs in a white plate on a wooden table
Appetizing pizza with vegetables and three types of sauces
Many bright yellow lemons lying in one place
Summer sunset with colorful reflections on the ocean water

What effect colors on puzzles have on emotions

Colors accompany a person everywhere. Whether you are buying a car or a new dress, shopping or furnishing an apartment, looking at photos or crossing the road, you're always dealing with color. And of course, there are also a lot of different shades in puzzles. Colors can be cold, warm, mixed, and neutral, and all of them have its own effect on a person.

  1. Assembling puzzles where cold colors prevail, you'll get a calming effect.

  2. Warm colors convey a variety of emotions and states, from optimism to confidence.

  3. Mixed colors are obtained by mixing warm and cold colors, they have universal properties of both of these shades.

  4. Neutral colors help draw attention to more saturated colors, or help to shade brighter colors a little. On puzzles, such colors are most often the background and usually don't cause intense emotions, but make a good contrast.

Color affects not only the eyes, it also affects other senses: taste, hearing, touch and smell. The colors of the surrounding world deeply affect our character and health.

Colors cause great joy in people and enliven them. The eye needs them as much as it needs light.

The benefits of bright colors for people

Jigsaw puzzle pieces of bright colors
Jigsaw puzzle pieces of bright colors

We're used to taking color for granted, it doesn't surprise or amaze us. Therefore, we rarely think about the importance of color in our life. Meanwhile, people who surround themselves with bright shades are happier, and their mood is a little better. Why is it worth adding bright colors to your life?

  • Health promotion. It turns out that even in ancient times, people believed that color has magical power. Since then, scientists have conducted many researches that have confirmed the fact that color has an impact on people as a whole and on the health. There's also a direction called color therapy, which is based on the effect of shades on our body and its use in the treatment of various diseases.

  • Uplifting mood and increasing vitality. One of the techniques of mood regulation is the effect of color. It's proved that the emotional state of a person affects the perception of color, however, color can adjust the mood. Bright colors will give activity, create an optimistic mood, cause a desire for changes and new experiences.

  • The surrounding world becomes more colorful and interesting, as if making you "open" your eyes. There are so many colors in everyday life, but we don't see them. We run, we hurry, we try to do a hundred things at a time – we have no time to stop. And bright colors seem to take us out of the gray environment of daily routine. Just remember how the mood rises when the sun appears on a cloudy day, and how much joy the first spring flowers give us.

Take a break and assemble colorful jigsaw puzzles online, adding bright colors to your life. Or remember the good childhood days when the whole world seemed especially bright and colorful.