Delicious macaroon desserts of bright colors

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Delicious macaroon desserts of bright colors

Many people confuse macaron and macaroon, often believing that these are the names of one dessert. However, there is a difference because these are two independent dishes. These desserts have common ingredients: egg whites and sugar, and sometimes almond or almond flour. But, cooking method and appearance are different. Macaroons are originally American cookies containing coconut shavings, egg whites and sugar. The macaroon does not have a definite shape, and the cookies themselves are baked until a light golden crust appears. As a rule, macaroons are dipped in hot chocolate and cooled. Macaroni is a multicolored round cookie, originally a French dessert. This product is distinguished by an airy consistency, which is achieved thanks to carefully whipped egg white. In appearance, the dessert is similar to a mini-burger. It consists of two cookies connected by a layer of jam or cream, and tastes like meringue. The main component of the dessert is almond flour, on which the original taste of cookies is based. The recipe also includes egg whites, water, sugar, and, if you want to create colorful cakes, dye.

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Published: Jan 9, 2023
Updated: Jan 18, 2023

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