Design Jigsaw Puzzles Online

On this page you'll find puzzles with a design of anything, as well as with elements related to it, such as threads or the organization of the workspace. Nowadays, almost any new finished product of industry in all spheres of human society can rightfully be called a design object. Design surrounds us in everything, from all sides we are surrounded by things and rooms created and designed by people.

Choose and put together your favorite design jigsaw puzzles online.

Colorful balls of thread
Interior of an attic room in light shades
Living room with Christmas tree and decorative fireplace decorated for Christmas
So nice chandelier
Alloy wheel of a red luxury car
Brown laundry reception desk decorated with flowers and filled with detergents
Swimming pool with sun loungers in the courtyard of a luxury villa
Swimming pool with sun loungers surrounded by luxury buildings
Looking up view of the pure blue sky from the inner courtyard
Large expensive house of modern design and a swimming pool near
Four badminton shuttlecocks with white feathers on a black badminton racket
Brown front desk against a yellow wall in a light laundry decorated with flowers
White table with a vase, a blue chair and a pillow against the decoreted wall background
Luxurious interior of a BMW car with modern technology
Store shelves of colorful wool yarns for knitting
Luxury modern sport car in red color
Maserati Gran Turismo in the garage
Сrystal clear water drops driping from melting ice
Modern luxury apartment with breathtaking mountain views
Pizza with meat, mozzarella and herbs in a white plate on a wooden table

Types of puzzles with design

Design is a very extensive concept that includes a huge number of diverse processes of activity aimed at creating a particular product. Depending on the field, you can find jigsaws with different types of design here.


Transport enthusiasts will surely like puzzles with the image of cars outside and inside.


Includes the exterior of a building or construction, as well as the surrounding territories.


Here you can find an aesthetically attractive environment in the rooms of any type, whether it's a living room or an office.


In the images of jigsaws, you can find many items of furniture with a beautiful and special design.

White jigsaw puzzle with a missed piece
White jigsaw puzzle with a missed piece

What attracts in puzzles with design

It's no surprise that design plays a big role in the modern world. Designers in the process of developing a project not only try to create the most functional product, but also consider its value from the point of view of aesthetics. Design jigsaw puzzles can benefit or please the person who assembles them for various reasons.

  1. Get inspired if you're doing or planning a home or room renovation. Perhaps you can put some ideas into practice. Images of interiors of different styles in this collection are sure to be the boost to your imagination. And in this situation, this page can help anyone who decides to design an interior for their home.

  2. You can just admire the beauty of the interiors. Do you like to peer into them and try to see the whole essence that the designer put there? Or just enjoy the beautiful room furnishings? Then you've come to the right place because there are jigs in excellent quality, and the ability to assemble the image in parts will allow you to explore the puzzle in detail.

  3. If you're a car enthusiast and don't imagine your life without speed and roads, then here you'll also find puzzles that will suit your taste. Stylish, bright and strict, a variety of jigsaws with the image of a car you can assemble in parts for free on this page.

  4. These jigsaws are good if you like the combination of colors in the interior. A puzzle with a good design will not stress the brain due to the fact that the colors in the project are selected correctly and are well combined, which will cause sympathy and desire to complete it

If you're a designer, then you can do puzzles to catch some insight. And if some of the design solutions seem very impressive to you or on the contrary non-functional, you can share your professional opinion in the comments.

Designers often come up with something new that will be remembered for many years and amazes with its aesthetics and unusual. Look at extraordinary design solutions while assembling jigsaw puzzle pictures and get inspired.