Diet Jigsaw Puzzles

Two toasts with eggs and avocado
Healthy breakfast of fried eggs, bread, avocado and olives
Fresh delicious strawberries full of vitamins with green leaves
Plate of healthy salad of fresh vegetables and greens
Fresh vegetables such as broccoli, onions, tomatoes and others on a wooden board
Bowl of fresh healthy smoothie with granola and berries for breakfast
Takeaway seafood sushi, chopsticks and a plate of soy sauce
Small bucket of cherry tomatoes and a bottle standing on a table in rays of the sun
Supermarket shelves with fresh bell peppers, red cabbage and nappa cabbage
Homemade tomato soup garnished with greens on a wooden table
Pizza consisting of round bread base with sause, tomatoes and greens on top
Rice, raisins and a bowl of yellow spicy powder of turmeric on a white table
Detox beverage with kale, spinach, mint and banana for outdoor breakfast
Perfect roast beef with rosemary cooking in a grill pan
Breakfast with cheesecakes and jam on a table decorated with pansies
Pizza with meat, mozzarella and herbs in a white plate on a wooden table
Appetizing pizza with vegetables and three types of sauces