Dish Jigsaw Puzzles

Three vegetable skewers
Sandwiches with cheese and figs
Pasta with seafood and cheese
Pasta with tomatoes and basil
Sweet potato pieces in a frying pan
Сhicken with sauce and herbs
Two delicious sandwiches with cucumbers and sauce
Two toasts with eggs and avocado
Chicken with rice, herbs and seasoning
Appetizing burgers in a cafe window
Delicious vegetable salad with spices
Bolognese fries on a blue plate
Spaghetti bolognese with tomatoes and cheese
Three servings of pumpkin soup
Three servings of Tomato Pastа
Salad with salmon and avocado
Four vegetable sandwiches
Mediterranean food on a wooden tray
Large portion of vegetable salad
Roast chicken with potatoes and a vegetable salad