Drink Jigsaw Puzzles

Champagne bottle and glasses
Strawberry milkshakes with berries
Cup of hot cappuccino with sugar and cute heart on the table
Two tomato cocktails with ice
Herbs full of vitamins in a white teacup
Glass of green vegetable smoothie with fresh herbs and fruit around
Glass and a pitcher with fresh milk standing against sunflowers background
Two espressos freshly brewed in a coffee machine
Fresh strawberry falling into a white bowl of milk
Table with healthy food for breakfast near the window
Glass of fresh orange juice with ice and a rolled-up towel
Glases of mojito with mint on the bar
Yummy latte with milk foam brewed in a coffee machine
Four different types of tropical smoothie for hot summer
Preparation of strong black coffee in a red coffee maker
Splashes of black coffee in a blue and white cup in the light from the window
Cup of coffee with two pieces of cake and a white orchid
Red, white and blue coctail with ice and a slice of lemon in a bar
Breakfast with fruits, berries, orange juice