Facade of Archiepiscopal Palace in Seville with trees on a bright sunny day

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Facade of Archiepiscopal Palace in Seville with trees on a bright sunny day

The Archiepiscopal Palace in Seville is a beautiful building and the residence of the Bishops of Seville, occupies a vast area in the very center of Seville, opposite the Cathedral of Seville, in the Plaza Virgen de los Reyes, has the status of National Monument since 1969. These days religious administrative structures are located in it, and at the same time the palace is a museum where you can go and look at the interior. The facade of the main entrance is made in the Spanish Baroque style, although the exterior of the building combines the features of several architectural styles. Especially noteworthy are two beautiful courtyards in the style of Mannerism of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, one of the courtyards has a fountain. Inside the palace is a hall with columns, decorated with paintings by famous painters. Monumental staircases, frescoes, gilding, and sculpture are all in abundance here. The palace is the repository of archdiocesan archives, where church documents from all over Seville are kept, as well as paintings and sculptures from the Seville Baroque era, frescoes with scenes from the Bible.

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