Gorgeous flowers with long orange petals blooming in nature

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Gorgeous flowers with long orange petals blooming in nature

Pyrostegia venusta (also known as flamevine or orange trumpet vine) is a perennial and evergreen plant that can reach 5 meters in height, commonly used to cover walls and fences. These plants are native to South America and are naturally found in the forests of Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina and Uruguay. Pyrostegia from Greek means "fire" and "covering", which is related to the color of flowers: when they cover a building, it looks like it is on fire. They bloom from autumn to early spring. The flowers consist of arched bright orange petals and long protruding stamens. Bright orange flowers do not open for a long time, decorating the vine in the form of long buds. The flowers grow up to 7 cm in length and about 3 cm in diameter. There are also tendrils, traditional for this type of plant, with which the vine clings to the support. The plant needs direct sunlight or partial shade, good watering and sandy drained soils, but it can tolerate a short drought. Flowering pyrostegia does not tolerate even small frosts, so it is usually grown in hot or warm climates. In tropical regions, it can bloom all year round.

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Published: Mar 3, 2023
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