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Green Jigsaw Puzzles

Fresh harvest of green spinach
Panorama of the bright green garden in Valletta
Gourmet meal of fried shrimp, lettuce, and eggs
Mountains covered with green plants surrounding the dark blue water
Two red and white windmills in the mountains at sunset
Bowl of healthy vegetable soup, broccoli, leek, herbs, pepper and a spoonful of spices
Little church on the lawn among amazing nature of forests and mountains
Plate of healthy salad of fresh vegetables and greens
Majestic tree growing over a green forest, hills and mountains
Stone bridge and a boat floating on the still water of Lake Skadar
Spectacular view of the waterfall from the cliff and azure river water
Morning view of beautiful landscape of hills, forests and fields
Trees and a meadow with green grass and yellow flowers against the background of mountains
Collection of rolled ties of different types in a box
Beautiful landscape of bright red poppy field, bushes and a high tree on a warm spring day
Small bucket of cherry tomatoes and a bottle standing on a table in rays of the sun
Japanese traditional teaware with homemade green tea
Homemade tomato soup garnished with greens on a wooden table
Bright water of the sea and a cliff covered with green trees
Blooming garden in the rays of the sun