Ingredient Jigsaw Puzzles

Macaroni with greens
Fresh vegetables such as broccoli, onions, tomatoes and others on a wooden board
Takeaway seafood sushi, chopsticks and a plate of soy sauce
Supermarket shelves with fresh bell peppers, red cabbage and nappa cabbage
Mixture of flour and eggs with spices on the kitchen table
Glasses with aromatic pepper and bay leaf on a black wooden surface
Appetizing Italian spaghetti with tomato sause on a white plate
Red, white and blue coctail with ice and a slice of lemon in a bar
Rice, raisins and a bowl of yellow spicy powder of turmeric on a white table
Fresh harvest of red hot pepper on a white table with a green napkin
Basket of cayenne peppers on a white wooden table
Shakshouka with poached eggs in tomato sauce, olive oil, pepper, onion, garlic
Many bright yellow lemons lying in one place