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Italy Jigsaw Puzzles Online

Italy is a diverse and rich country that is worth visiting. More and more tourists are visiting this place every year.

This section features jigsaw images depicting Italy from its different sides:

  1. cities;
  2. countryside;
  3. plants;
  4. landscapes;
  5. sights;
  6. food;
  7. places to travel and relax.

With our large number of Italy jigsaw puzzles online, you can travel and explore this popular country.

Every user of the site is sure to find interesting and attractive jigsaws fot putting together.

Doing Italy puzzles for adults, you will get to know this amazing country closer and closer and learn new useful information. Because solving a puzzle is not only fascinating, but also informative.

Landscape of dense forest and frozen Lake Carezza in Italy
View from the cave to a boat on the crystal clear water and an island
Landscape of the illuminated Italian town on the seashore
Plate with delicious Caprese tower salad with two slices of bread
Magnificent panarama of snow-cappted mountains and dark-blue skies with white clouds
View from the cave to the mountain forest and the misty Alps in the distance
Trees reflecting in Lago Federa lake on an autumn sunny day
Autunm landscape of Lago Federa lake overlooking the Alps
Impressive architecture of old buildings of Italian city against the mountains
Reflection of evening lights in a water canal in Venice
Beautiful nature of flowering fields and coniferous trees against the Falzarego Pass
Purple flowers growing against the background of three mountain peaks
Little church on the lawn among amazing nature of forests and mountains
Wonderful view of a lake and mountains covered with green trees
Close up picture of a rose branch with red flowers and green buds
Green forest and part of the Dolomites on a sunny summer day
Harbor with fishing boats near colorful buildings of Cinque Terre
Colorful houses and crystal clear water of Lake Garda on a summer day
Street flowers and light buildings of the Italian city on a sunny day
Beautiful purple flowers on a sunny summer day

Categories of Italy jigsaw puzzles

Here you can find different categories of puzzles.

For food lovers 

We have selected pictures with mouth-watering Italian food, namely pasta, pizza and other dishes. You can enjoy jigsaws depicting:

  • plate with a delicious Caprese salad with two slices of bread;
  • delicious Italian spaghetti with tomato sauce on a white plate.

For people who enjoy traveling and are interested in history

There are a lot of puzzles depicting heritage sites of Italy. Here you will find jigsaws with pictures of:

  • great architecture of the Scaligero Castle in Sirmione on a summer day;
  • ruins of the ancient amphitheater Colosseum in the center of Rome at night;
  • Pisa Cathedral and the famous Leaning tower on a sunny day.
Process of assembling a jigsaw puzzle picture of boats on water
Process of assembling a jigsaw puzzle picture of boats on water

For nature lovers

There is no better country than Italy. The country is filled with natural beauty. You will find pictures with Italian scenes of soaring mountains, wonderful beaches, and picturesque lakes. You will have a great opportunity to relax with jigs of:

  • trees reflected in Lake Lago Federa on an autumn sunny day;
  • beautiful nature of flowering fields and coniferous trees against the backdrop of Falzarego pass;
  • isolated wooden hut in the endless snowy expanses in the mountains.

Italian cities puzzles

Italian cities are simply amazing. They combine both modern and ancient architecture, which makes them unique and delightful at the same time. Jigsaw puzzles of Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan and other Italian cities are waiting for you. There are jigsaws of:

  • panoramic view of the historic cathedral with dome and other city buildings in Florence;
  • reflection of evening lights in a water channel in Venice;
  • illuminated night buildings of Florence against the horizon at sunset.

Italian coastine puzzles

Special attention should be paid to jigs depicting the coastline of Italy, which is the longest among other European countries’. This amazing view of colorful buildings on the seashore beckons. Pleased yourself with jigsaw pictures of:

  • colorful buildings of the village of Riomaggiore on a sunny summer day;
  • coastal area with colorful Cinque Terre buildings;
  • landscape of an illuminated Italian town on the seashore;
  • Positano buildings overlooking the sea bay on the Amalfi coast in southern Italy.

All the riches of Italy, such as amazing landscapes, ancient cities, delicious cuisine, rich culture, you will find depicted on our jigsaw puzzles. Fall in love with Italy together with our best high-quality puzzles.

Benefits of solving jigsaw puzzles

By solving puzzles, you take care of your health.  

Increasing of thinking speed and developing of short-term memoryDoing a puzzle strengthens the connections between brain cells and increases the generation of new ones. 
Forming of problem-solving skillRegular doing jigs teaches to develop the own strategy of solving through trial and error.
Improving of spatial and visual thinkingIt is necessary to keep in mind the final picture. And imagine which puzzle piece can fit into this or that place.
Developing of both sides of brainThe left hemisphere sees the result, and the right hemisphere looks for the path that each small element of the puzzle will take to become the final picture.
Feeling of satisfactionDopamine is released every time you successfully solve a jigsaw puzzle or even find the right place for one piece.
RelaxationIt works like meditation, by way of distraction: while a person is concentrating on solving a puzzle, he does not think about his problems.

Solving our jigsaw is a very useful activity. Putting puzzle pieces together helps your brain to train and your physical health to improve. Make your mood better, get rid of stress and relax with each successfully solved a jigsaw puzzle for adults.