Jay sitting on a branch during snowfall

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Jay sitting on a branch during snowfall

Jays are pretty small birds, only 11–16 inches in length, almost half of which is a long tail, which reaches sizes up to 5 inches. The bright plumage attracts attention to the birds, most of their body is light brown, black feathers appear on the tail, wings, and crest. A distinctive feature of the jay is the bright blue feathers on the forearms, which add contrast to the plumage. In addition, there are white spots on the wings of some individuals. Jays are quite intelligent birds, they can simulate different sounds, usually those made by birds of other species living in the neighborhood, it can also be the sounds of cats or eagles. As well, there were cases when the bird imitated a person, repeating some words, although not with the clarity that is characteristic of parrots. Besides, these birds make food supplies for the winter, most of all they like acorns, but also stock up on nuts and seeds. The way in which jays fight parasites is unique: finding an anthill, they allow the ants to climb on themselves, and the insects, in turn, clean the birds of parasites with their acid.

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Published: Jan 8, 2023
Updated: Jan 18, 2023

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