Landscape of salt flat and mountains with dark clouds in the sky

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Landscape of salt flat and mountains with dark clouds in the sky

Ojos de Mar is a significant tourist attraction with several small bodies of water of the Altiplano in Argentina. The Altiplano is a vast plateau in the Andes with many salt flats on the lands. Salt flats are large areas of land that were formerly the bottom of the lake, now covered with salt and other minerals. They are usually formed in deserts and other arid places where large bodies of water have dried up. Water often stays on the surface until it evaporates. For a long time, salt and other minerals accumulate on the surface, reflecting the sun's rays and often look like white spots. Soils containing more than 0.25% of easily soluble salts are considered saline. There may also be carbonates, chlorides, sulfides, sulfates, nitrates, silicates and gypsum. Some of the largest salt flats contain large global reserves of table salt and lithium chloride. Such a quantity of salt and other minerals are toxic to plants, so these lands are not suitable for agriculture, but they can be used after reclamation measures. This is an expensive process that requires large amounts of fresh water and complex drainage structures, so salt flats are reclaimed only where it is vital.

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Published: Dec 10, 2022
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