Montenegro Jigsaw Puzzles

Small island with an old church overlooking the Balkan mountains
Buildings with bright brown roofs on the edge of the island
Picturesque panorama of mountains, green forests and a lake
Palm trees, bushes and flowers growing in the yard of a country house
Luxury white yacht near a palm tree
High area of rock at the edge of the sea
Yachts moored to the quay near the city buildings
Small island with a church overlooking the Balkan mountains
Black and white cat sitting on a wooden pole and looking attentively
Brown horse put out to pasture in a mountain area on a sunny day
Hotel resort on an islet on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro
Magnificent view of blue skies, high mountains, city buildings and bright sea water
Breathtaking view of the golden sunset over the mountains
Beautiful architecture of the Christian church on the island
Forest and a bright green meadow overlooking high mountains
Islet of Sveti Stefan surrounded by blue sea water on a sunny day
Beautiful nature of the Balkan mountains on a summer day
Beautiful architecture of the old town of Budva in Montenegro
Fishing boats, a luxury yacht and a cruise ship in the harbour
Impressive panorama of green mountains of the Balkans and blue skies