Old bell tower with a rounded red roof in sunny weather

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Old bell tower with a rounded red roof in sunny weather

The traditions of the world bell ringing date back more than six centuries, they have long served as a signal of danger or a call of special events. The number of bells made during this time is difficult to count. In general, all the bells look almost the same, however, some of them can be called eye-catching. One of these is the Bell of Good Luck, which is the world's largest operating bell. It is located in the Chinese city of Pingdingshan (Henan Province) and was established relatively recently, at the end of 2000. Important for America is the Liberty Bell, which is a symbol in the struggle for independence. Every year on July 4, it was ringing for the Independence Day celebrations. The bell was redone several times, trying to fix the cracks, but quite unsuccessfully. Today, this cracked bell is kept in a glass pavilion next to Independence Hall in Philadelphia. The bell in London is also noteworthy. Today, Big Ben is associated with the Great Clock of Westminster. However, this name refers neither to the tower nor to the clock on it. Initially, this name was given to the bell in this clock. And only then this name was expanded to the clock and to the tower itself, which since 2012 has been officially renamed Elizabeth Tower. The bell of Big Ben has been striking every hour since 1859. And of course, it is hard not to mention a small, but very impressive bell on the International Space Station, which is rung every time when the crew members arrive and depart.

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Published: Jan 10, 2023
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