Orange and white cat with long white whiskers and yellow eyes

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Orange and white cat with long white whiskers and yellow eyes

Cats are popular animals, their image can be found anywhere: on clothes, dishes, children's toys or decorative figures. Cats are especially popular on the Internet, many pictures of cats are shared daily, both funny and ridiculous, and most people consider these animals incredibly cute. But have you ever wondered what is the reason for this grace? There are scientific explanations for this. It is believed that cats arouse people's sympathy due to a set of instincts, which includes a subconscious reaction to children's facial features and the pleasure of caring. Many cats have such childish features in appearance, which implies a round face, large eyes, a small nose and mouth. If you observe the owners of cats, you will notice that, in fact, many perceive them as their babies.

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Published: Feb 6, 2023
Updated: Feb 6, 2023

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