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Outdoors Jigsaw Puzzles Online

This section features outdoors jigsaw puzzles online.

Nowadays, people spend a lot of time in buildings: whether it's a house, an office or another workplace, a shop, a cafe, restaurants and so on.

Hectic modern life requires you to sit in front of screens for hours, solve your practical everyday problems and build social interactions.

And you don't notice how little we walk outside and breathe fresh air. Spending time in nature and the natural light is so necessary for your well-being. Walking in fresh air strengthens the immune system, greatly affects your mood, reduces stress and depression. Also, being out in nature impacts the brain in a positive way, making you feel better about yourself.

Landscape of dense forest and frozen Lake Carezza in Italy
Stunning sunset panorama of the Alps in Switzerland
Polar bear standing on a rock and enjoying the sun
Closeup of a cute tricolor cat in the grass
Scenic landscape of snowy mountains in France
Salt flat in a desert with a mountain illuminated by the sun in the distance
Breathtaking view of white clouds floating over the mountains in the Alps
Scenic area of mountains with snowy peaks, autumn forest and blue water with an island
Magnificent panarama of Yellowstone national park on a summer day
Cute hare lying on the green grass with a clover flower in its mouth
Field with purple flowers and snowy mountains in the background in Alaska
Forest path leading to the lake on a warm sunny day
Wildflowers sinking in the bright rays of the sun at dawn
Joyful bulldog with a red collar standing on two paws
Building wall decorated by bright bougainvillea and other flowers
Forest and a bright green meadow overlooking high mountains
Beautiful wooden outdoor lamp covered with snow
Fishing boats, a luxury yacht and a cruise ship in the harbour
Water and flowers near French village houses on a summer day
Famous British telephone red booth and a wooden bench

Variety of outdoor jigsaw puzzles of this section

In this section, you will find various outdoor jigsaw puzzles for adults.

There are pictures of cute animals spending time in nature

Animal lovers can please themselves by assembling the following puzzle pictures:

  • a cute hare lying on the green grass with a clover flower in its mouth;
  • a joyful bulldog with a red collar standing on two paws;
  • the tabby cat lying outside and looking up;
  • a beautiful purebred dog sitting among tall red flowers.

Here you can see jigsaws of amazing landscapes

Relax while putting together jigs of:

  • breathtaking view of the magnificent waterfall, rivers and endless meadows;
  • drops of crystal clear water dripping from melting ice;
  • dunes and blue sky in the Sahara desert;
  • forest path leading to the lake on a warm sunny day.

Here is the amazing beauty of the streets of cities and villages

Enjoy the views of:

  • the wall of the building decorated with bright bougainvillea and other flowers;
  • famous British red telephone box and wooden bench near;
  • facade of beautiful historical buildings on Bremen city square at dusk;
  • water and flowers near French village houses on a summer day.
Jigsaw puzzle pieces of bright colors
Jigsaw puzzle pieces of bright colors

Advantages of solving outdoors puzzles

The process of solving jigsaw puzzles is very useful. Here you'll find some of the advantages of doing jigsaws.

  1. Practicing mindfulness. We are in a hurry all the time, it is so difficult sometimes to slow down and notice the beauty outside. But solving outdoor scene puzzles will help us, since putting together jigsaws practices mindfulness. Careful focusing on each piece of the puzzle brings our attention to the present moment. It's like a meditation. Choose jigsaws that you like and start solving them right now to calm your brain and slow down.
  2. Feeling of fulfillment. After each successfully solved puzzle, you have a pleasant feeling of fulfillment, where the period of problem solving ends with satisfaction from viewing the final picture. This motivates and encourages you to keep working on solving puzzles and challenging yourself. Moreover, playing puzzles every day gives you confidence that you can cope with difficulties, and takes you out of your predictable routine.

Reconnecting with nature, and giving our bodies enough natural light, breezes, sun shining and singing birds, is essential to finding a balance in the modern day world.

Visiting this section with outdoor themed puzzles and putting together some of them, you will be cheered up and inspired to take a walk or to go on a trip to nature outside the city to benefit your health.

Derive enjoyment from solving online jigsaws for adults!