Panorama of mountains in Portugal with a tree, a rock and yellow grass

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Panorama of mountains in Portugal with a tree, a rock and yellow grass

Madeira Island is an island with a diverse flora and a unique climate. Most of the island's territory is characterized by a mild oceanic subtropical climate. Due to its location, there is no sultry heat in Madeira, and you can relax here all year round. In order for tourists to explore the uniqueness of the island, there are many hiking and cycling routes. It won't be boring on the island because there are so many interesting things to see here! There are many parks and gardens on the island, in which a lot of unique plant species grow. Madeira is very picturesque, here you would like to walk along the cliff-covered coastline, admiring the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises, get to the very heights of beautiful mountains, from where the best panoramic views open. There is a beautiful Parque Almirante Reis, where there is a cable car to Monte. This is the easiest and most spectacular way there, and the trip by cable car takes only 15 minutes. During the trip, you can enjoy the picturesque panoramic views of the area to your heart's content.

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Published: Nov 28, 2022
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