Plate Jigsaw Puzzles

Three vegetable skewers
Tableware with Christmas ornament
Table with holiday decorations
Sushi with red fish and vegetables
Chicken with rice, herbs and seasoning
Delicious vegetable salad with spices
Spaghetti bolognese with tomatoes and cheese
Three servings of Tomato Pastа
Salad with salmon and avocado
Large portion of vegetable salad
Two servings of bread pudding
Close-up image of Italian pizza with vegetables, cheese and herbs
Yummy ice-cream with berries and chocolate for dessert
Delicious Italian pasta with tomatoes and herbs on a white plate
Gourmet meal of fried shrimp, lettuce, and eggs
Breakfast of five pancakes and a strawberry on a white plate
Plate of delicious cookies in the form of snowflakes, hearts and Christmas trees
Healthy breakfast of fried eggs, bread, avocado and olives
Pumpkin soup with seeds in a dish decorated with leaves and dried oranges
Plate of healthy salad of fresh vegetables and greens