Scenic landscape of snowy mountains in France

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Scenic landscape of snowy mountains in France

The Cosmiques Ridge is located on the Aiguille du Midi mountain, in the heart of the Mont Blanc massif in the French Alps. The ridge is one of the most popular alpine routes of this zone, it is especially busy, many tourists of different qualifications climb it. This popularity is deserved by its variety of routes, a fairly fast way up and a relatively easy level of climbing, which will help beginners to get acquainted with mixed rock climbing, and more experienced climbers will be satisfied with a sufficient variety of climbing and really wonderful views. The ridge itself can be reached by cable cars, snow-covered slopes and slabs, and the way to the ridge takes about half a day. Having overcome the mountain ridge, you will be able to see a beautiful panorama of the Italian Alps. The journey ends at the cable car station, from where you can get to the observation deck at the top of the ridge. There you will surely get the best photos of the ridge with its orange granite covered with snow and ice, and picturesque Alpine valleys.

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Published: Jan 16, 2023
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