Steep cliff on the coastline with waves in the water

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Steep cliff on the coastline with waves in the water

Being at the top of the sea cliff and looking at the endless expanses of water, you can feel yourself on top of the world, and the feeling of freedom will be a reward for climbing. All the worries seem unimportant against the background of the magnificent view from the top. From a height, you can enjoy the panorama of the ocean for a long time because water is one of those things that you could stare forever. But why does the sea attract and fascinate us so much? Perhaps this is because when we are at sea, our brain, senses and other channels of perception rest from over excitation. And the sea has blue color magic, which produces a soothing and tonic effect at the same time, causing positive emotions in a person. And the noise of the sea waves improves the psychological state, eliminates nervous tension and irritability, drives away negative thoughts. Perhaps the sea attracts with its unexplored nature because of how many secrets it keeps in its depths. It looks boundless, therefore mysterious, and people are attracted by everything secret.

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Published: Dec 28, 2022
Updated: Jan 18, 2023

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