Table Jigsaw Puzzles

Mug of smoothie with blueberries, figs and nuts
Tableware with Christmas ornament
Table with holiday decorations
Strawberry milkshakes with berries
Interior of an attic room in light shades
Tasty cakes with cream and fresh strawberries for dessert
Plate of healthy salad of fresh vegetables and greens
Modern interior of a living room with many decoratoins
Street cafe with tables for two on a summer day
Relaxing atmosphere of a cozy cat cafe with a modern interior
Table with healthy food for breakfast near the window
Table with dishes and cutlery, cozy sofas and green plants in a restaurant
Two books, a glass of water, a cup of coffee, candles and a green plant on the table
White office table with a magazine and a glass vase of flowers
Table setting with food, wine, flowers and different Christmas decorations
Plate of tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, onion and garlic standing on a wooden surface
Homemade cookies made from flour, butter, cheese and sugar on a blue table
Splashes of black coffee in a blue and white cup in the light from the window
Modern design of a home office desk with a view from the windows
Apple iMac, books and a cup of coffee on a white table in the office