Traditional Jigsaw Puzzles

Tableware with Christmas ornament
Table with holiday decorations
Tasty sweet donuts
Pieces of delicious baklava on a wooden surface
Winter evening in Japanese historical village Shirakawa-go
Beautiful yard with a white house decorated with flowers and climbing plants
Famous British telephone red booth and a wooden bench
Fresh vegetables such as broccoli, onions, tomatoes and others on a wooden board
Traditional Skopelos houses of white color with blue and brown window shutters
Takeaway seafood sushi, chopsticks and a plate of soy sauce
Terrace with white and blue chairs and tables overlooking the sea
Blooming tree and a white building with a blue dome on Santorini island
Pizza consisting of round bread base with sause, tomatoes and greens on top
Appetizing Italian spaghetti with tomato sause on a white plate
Shakshouka with poached eggs in tomato sauce, olive oil, pepper, onion, garlic
Christmas composition of a cup of warm drink, pine cones, cinnamon and fur