Urban Jigsaw Puzzles

City river at sunset
View of the bridge at sunset
Skyscrapers in Shenzhen
Historical buildings in Lisbon
Stairwell in a big house
Grand staircase in a historic building
Panoramic view of a river dam in autumn
Exterior of the Cyprus National Theater against a clear daytime sky
Winter trees in snowy mountains in the rays of the sunrise
Street cafe with tables for two on a summer day
Narrow shopping street with different goods on Naxos island
Windows with shutters decorated with beautiful flowers
House facade with windows decorated by colorful flowers
Looking up view of the pure blue sky from the inner courtyard
Ancient buildings including a bell tower in the walled town of Volterra
Skyscrapes of the evening city with a lot of lights
Modern American city with bridges over the river and skyscrapers
Evening Marina Bay Sands in Singapore
Top view of a huge night city and long bridges over the river
Modern architecture of illuminated business buildings on the river banks in London