View from the cave to a boat on the crystal clear water and an island

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View from the cave to a boat on the crystal clear water and an island

Many people call Tahiti a Paradise Island on the earth, and this is fair because there is everything for a good rest: the emerald turquoise waters of the ocean, hills covered with dense vegetation, a unique underwater world with its inhabitants and always bright sun. Tahiti is a volcanic island, the largest in the group of islands of French Polynesia. The island is naturally divided into 2 parts, Tahiti Nui and Tahiti Iti, and the territories are connected by a narrow strip of land. Both parts of the island are characterized by mountainous landscapes covered with dense tropical forests, and the island itself is surrounded by coral reefs. The island is home to the main city in French Polynesia, Papeete. The queen of the island Aimata Pomare IV lived here, and the city is famous for famous personalities and events. The outstanding painter Paul Gauguin lived here, as did the popular French singer Joe Dassin. The seventh FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup was held on the beaches of the city in 2013. It is also known for its well-maintained beaches with black and white sand.

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Published: Jan 31, 2023
Updated: Jan 31, 2023

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