View of the lonely house in a snowy clearing of a winter fir forest

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View of the lonely house in a snowy clearing of a winter fir forest

At all times, people have practiced hiking over certain distances. In the form that is known now, hiking as a type of sports activity and leisure has been practiced since the 19th century. Hikes differ from ordinary travel in that the route itself is important in them, and not the final destination, and some physical exertion is implied. Winter hiking has its advantages: there is no dirt underfoot, there is pure white snow around, winter hiking helps to cheer up, get out of hibernation and bring bright colors to life. Hiking is an accessible and adapted to any level of physical fitness type of activity, you can go with family or friends. On the one hand, hiking requires only the ability to walk. On the other hand, it requires knowledge of certain safety rules. The main rule is careful preparation. What you will need to pack and how to prepare will depend on the conditions of the hike, so it is important to find out the weather conditions in the right area and plot a route on the map. As any hike, a backpack with water and a snack is always useful to have enough strength and energy for the whole journey. For some winter hikes, you may need snowshoes, large backpacks and sleds for them. With proper preparation for hiking, you can get a lot of fun and impressions that you will want to experience again and again.

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Published: Jan 5, 2023
Updated: Jan 5, 2023

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