White Jigsaw Puzzles Online

Colors are everywhere. If you look around, you'll see different colors around you, and you can be 100% sure that wherever you are, you'll find something white. And of course, on each white jigsaw on this page you'll also find this color: animals with white fur, white sand, snow, various buildings, architectural elements painted white, interior in white colors and so on.

White is a synthesis of all colors, so it can be considered as an "ideal" color. This color can be preferred by a person with any character, any age and profession, since it usually doesn't repel anyone and is considered a neutral color that doesn't have a strong effect on the human psyche.  

It's important to remember that white, like everything else in life, should be in moderation. The white color can both lift the mood and deprive it. The lack of this color can make us irritable, and when there is too much of it, it causes associations with the hospital and can have a bad effect on work.

Branches with white flowers
86 anime kissing
Winter landscape with snow-covered trees
Gorgeous top view of white buildings of Santorini island
Facade of the Indian Museum in Central Kolkata against blue skies
Interior of an attic room in light shades
Polar bear standing on a rock and enjoying the sun
Winter trees in snowy mountains in the rays of the sunrise
Winter evening in Japanese historical village Shirakawa-go
Conifer tree with cones covered with snow on a winter January day
White dog walking among autumn trees
Narrow Santorini street with beautiful colorful architecture
Beautiful yard with a white house decorated with flowers and climbing plants
Distant view of white buildings of Santorini island overlooking the sea
Beautiful wooden outdoor lamp covered with snow
Fresh strawberry falling into a white bowl of milk
Pair of red flip-flops partially covered by white sand
Green grass and brown leaves covered in hoar frost on a winter day
White boats laying at anchor in a quiet harbour with brilliant blue water
World famous architecture of the volcanic island of Santorini on a sunny day

Meanings of white color

Colors don't have a one meaning that would describe them concretely and completely. Each color is unique in terms of feelings and associations, including white. People put different meanings into the same colors, depending on their experience, culture, and context. However, some associations are similar in most people.

  1. The white color symbolizes joy in many countries, but in some countries people don't think so, and white is the color of mourning for them.

  2. In some fairy tales, the white color symbolizes cold and icy calm. For example, Jadis the White Witch in the Chronicles of Narnia. This is due to associations: the cold seems "white" to us because of snow, frost, and ice.

  3. In many countries, white symbolizes cleanliness and purity, which is why brides dress up in wedding dresses of the appropriate shade.

  4. The white color can be associated with a new life and a beginning. Such connections can arise because of the mother's milk, which symbolizes babies, that is, a new life. Or a blank sheet of paper, which is most often white, and on which you can start writing or drawing something new.

  5. White color is often characterized by perfection and completeness, demonstrates an absolute and final solution, complete freedom for possibilities.

  6. White contains all the colors, and we can say that they are equal in it, so for some this color may cause an association with equality or neutrality.

  7. This color can be associated with minimalism and simplicity, as it's often used as a background for something

White jigsaw puzzle pieces on a blue background
White jigsaw puzzle pieces on a blue background

Variety of white jigsaws of this section

Here you can find different jigsaws depicting white elements:

  • huge trees with branches lowered because of the weight of snow;

  • white dog lying on the floor;

  • appetizing sandwich with fried egg and salad on a white plate;

  • terrace with white and blue chairs and tables overlooking the sea;

  • famous white buildings of the volcanic island of Santorini on a sunny day.

The benefits of white jigsaw puzzles

The white color has some positive effects, which you can feel by doing a white jigsaw puzzle where there's a lot of this color.

Gives motivation and desire to do something new

  This color has a special power and pushes to action. Assembling a white jigsaw puzzle online with lots of white can be especially useful on days when you don't feel like doing anything.

Helps to eliminate unnecessary thoughts

Just remember how the mind calms down when you look at the white ceiling.

Creates a feeling of freedom, lightness and space

The white color creates a feeling of freedom, lightness and space, which is why this color is so often used in small rooms to visually enlarge them.