Wooden house near the forest in the Alps with a few clouds in the sky background

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Wooden house near the forest in the Alps with a few clouds in the sky background

The Austrian Alps occupy more than half of the territory of this country. This mountain range offers the widest opportunities for skiing. The Austrian Alps differ from the mountain ranges in Italy and Switzerland, primarily in that they have a lower height and a greater width of the ridge. This means that the landscape here is valley and more picturesque, and the climate is much milder than in the Alps of neighboring countries. Millions of ski enthusiasts come to Austria for the opportunity to visit the snow resorts of the country. Tyrol is the most mountainous federal state of Austria, so of course, it is here that people most often go for a ski vacation. In addition, the highest point of the country, Glossglockner, is located in Tyrol. The Austrian Alps are in many ways remarkable for the incredible atmosphere created by villages and towns located in the rocky Alps, with their fascinating views, houses and Alpine meadows, as in the advertising of Milka chocolate. In some of them, you can even meet quite friendly cows. One of these small towns is Hallstatt, which is located in an Alpine area in the upper part of Austria. When the lights come on in this city, you feel as if you are in a medieval town from the fairy tales about Hansel and Gretel.

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Published: Jan 7, 2023
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